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This online collection showcases some of the books that can be found at The Shops at Dartignton
as well as our independent bookshop on Totnes High Street.

Dartington Hall - One Endless Garden The Elmhirsts of Dartington by Michael Young Dart by Alice Oswald
Price: £10.99
The Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson Dartington College of Arts - Learning by Doing: A Biography of a College A Life at Dartington
Zero Waste Home
Price: £9.99
In Bloom Notecards No1 In Bloom Notecards No2 In Bloom Notecards No3
Gaia's Feasts Vegetarian Cookbook 50 Plants That You Cant Kill by Jamie Butterworth The Self Care Revolution  by Suzy Reading
Gaia's Feasts
Price: £14.95
Unicorn Island The Unicorn and the Garden The Art of Natural Cleaning by Rebecca Sullivan
Unicorn Island
Price: £3.50
Simple Home by Mark & Sally Bailey The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo Grey Elephant Notebook
Simple Home
Price: £19.99
Tan Bear Notebook Green Deer Notebook Greenfeast: Spring, Summer
Tan Bear Notebook
Price: £15.95
Green Deer Notebook
Price: £15.95
The Devon Cookbook Leon: Fast Vegan
The Devon Cookbook
Price: £14.95
Leon: Fast Vegan
Price: £25.00