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This online collection showcases some of the books that can be found at The Shops at Dartignton
as well as our independent bookshop on Totnes High Street.

Dartington Hall - One Endless Garden The Elmhirsts of Dartington by Michael Young Dart by Alice Oswald
Price: £10.99
The Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson Dartington College of Arts - Learning by Doing: A Biography of a College A Life at Dartington
Zero Waste Home
Price: £9.99
Gaia's Feasts Vegetarian Cookbook 50 Plants That You Cant Kill by Jamie Butterworth The Self Care Revolution  by Suzy Reading
Gaia's Feasts
Price: £14.95
Unicorn Island The Unicorn and the Garden The Art of Natural Cleaning by Rebecca Sullivan
Unicorn Island
Price: £3.50
Simple Home by Mark & Sally Bailey The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo Grey Elephant Notebook
Simple Home
Price: £19.99
Tan Bear Notebook Green Deer Notebook Greenfeast: Spring, Summer
Tan Bear Notebook
Price: £15.95
Green Deer Notebook
Price: £15.95
The Devon Cookbook Leon: Fast Vegan
The Devon Cookbook
Price: £14.95
Leon: Fast Vegan
Price: £25.00