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Our Christmas Picks
Here you will find a fabulous selection of gifts to treat your loved ones this Christmas!
Pick up an easy stocking filler or choose somthing special from one of our local makers.

Coming soon... Our Devon food & drink Christmas hampers!

Pure Chimp Natural soap Pure Chimp Natural Shampoo Bar Pure Chimp Natural Body Oil
Gold Coffee Mug Gold Tea Mug Gold Milk Jug
Gold Coffee Mug
Price: £40.00
Gold Tea Mug
Price: £45.00
Gold Milk Jug
Price: £40.00
Rope Trinket Dish - Sage Rope Trinket Dish - Marigold Rope Trinket Dish - Jade
Rope Hanging Basket - Black Rope Hanging Basket - Jade Green Toys Ferry
Green Toys Ferry
Price: £24.99
Green Toys Helicopter Green Toys Fire Truck Hand knitted Woolly Hat Biscuit
Hand knitted Woolly Hat - Cream Fleck Hand knitted Woolly Hat - Beige Nut Box Bag
Nut Box Bag
Price: £255.00
Our Price: £127.50
Savings: £127.50
Nut Box Bag Nut Dart Bag Single Silver Earring - Cheeky
Nut Simple Clutch
Price: £250.00
Our Price: £125.00
Savings: £125.00
Nut Dart Bag
Price: £275.00
Our Price: £137.49
Savings: £137.51
Single Silver Earring - Hands Single Silver Earring - Cutout Dimple Gold Double Old Fashioned Pair
Dimple Gold Highball Pair Dimple Gold Highball Pair Honey & Oat Goat Soap
Dimple Gold Decanter
Price: £100.00
Lavender Goat Soap Unscented Goat Soap
Lavender Goat Soap
Price: £4.99
Unscented Goat Soap
Price: £4.99