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Our Craft Centre showcases both new and established artists, focusing on local Devon art and craft,
alongside pieces from further afield in the South West. This online collection features some of our favourite pieces.

Nut Box Bag Nut Box Bag Nut Dart Bag
Nut Box Bag
Price: £255.00
Nut Simple Clutch
Price: £250.00
Nut Dart Bag
Price: £275.00
Single Silver Earring - Mask Single Silver Earring - Smile Single Silver Earring - Cheeky
Single Silver Earring - Hands Single Silver Earring - Cutout Cobalt Coffee Mug
Cobalt Coffee Mug
Price: £25.00
Cobalt Tea Mug Cobalt Milk Jug Gold Coffee Mug
Cobalt Tea Mug
Price: £28.00
Cobalt Milk Jug
Price: £35.00
Gold Coffee Mug
Price: £40.00
Gold Tea Mug Gold Milk Jug Tony Gant Blue Coffee Mug
Gold Tea Mug
Price: £45.00
Gold Milk Jug
Price: £40.00
Tony Gant Jade Bowl Tony Gant Blue Bowl Klimt Three Ages of Women Vase
Tony Gant Jade Bowl
Price: £30.00
Tony Gant Blue Bowl
Price: £18.00
Silhouette d'Art - Klimt The Kiss Vase Silhouette d'Art - Mondrian Composition with Large Red Plane Vase