Foot Massage Wax
Foot Massage Wax

Handmade in Devon in small batched this Foot Wax is an ideal medium for any professional wanting to deliver a premium massage to the feet. Its anti-bacterial properties and skin nourishing coconut oil make this perfect for softening and refreshing tired aching feet.

Flow massage wax offers incredible value for money as little goes a very very long way. The key to this is that flow absorbs slowly into the skin unlike oils, which are messy and absorb at a much faster rate, therefore needing continuous reapplication

Made of all-natural skin nourishing ingredients, its nut free and contains no parabens or manmade chemicals. It has a minty aroma that’s light, cooling and refreshing, – yet subtle enough to use on both males and females.

Price: £11.95

  • 180g
  • All-natural skin nourishing ingredients
  • Nut free
  • Contains no parabens or man made chemicals
  • Citrusy aroma that’s light, calming and gentle – yet subtle enough to use on both males and females.
  • Hand-made in small batches in Devon

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