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An edited collection of some of the most popular products found in our Home Shop
including many Devon based brands and sustainable products for your home.

Juiced. Plant Based Candle Om. Plant Based Candle Skin. Plant Based Candle
Storage Box Small Green Storage Box Large Grey Storage Box Medium Grey
Storage Box Medium Green Storage Box Large Green Cobalt Coffee Mug
Cobalt Coffee Mug
Price: £25.00
Cobalt Tea Mug Cobalt Milk Jug Gold Coffee Mug
Cobalt Tea Mug
Price: £28.00
Cobalt Milk Jug
Price: £35.00
Gold Coffee Mug
Price: £40.00
Gold Tea Mug Gold Milk Jug Rope Flat bowl - Sage
Gold Tea Mug
Price: £45.00
Gold Milk Jug
Price: £40.00
Rope Flat bowl - Marigold Rope Flat bowl - Jade Rope Vessel - Sage
Rope Vessel - Sage
Price: £17.95
Rope Vessel - Black Rope Vessel - Marigold Rope Vessel - Jade
Rope Vessel - Black
Price: £17.95
Rope Vessel - Jade
Price: £17.95
Rope Trinket Dish - Sage Rope Trinket Dish - Marigold Rope Trinket Dish - Jade
Rope Dish - Sage Rope Dish - Black Rope Dish - Marigold
Rope Dish - Sage
Price: £11.95
Rope Dish - Black
Price: £11.95
Rope Dish - Marigold
Price: £11.95
Rope Dish - Jade Rope Hanging Basket - Black Rope Hanging Basket - Jade
Rope Dish - Jade
Price: £11.95
Abstract Shapes Cushion Asian Sunset Cushion The Jungle Cushion
Asian Sunset Cushion
Price: £45.00
The Jungle Cushion
Price: £45.00
Harmony Natural Wax Candle - Vetiver & Citrus Tea Mystique Natural Wax Candle - Spice & Charcoal Natural Wax Candle - Oolong Tea & Neroli
Tranquility scented tin candle Thyme & Mint scented tin candle Sea Salt scented tin candle
Joy scented tin candle Inspiritus scented tin candle Bay & Rosemary scented tin candle
Devon Duvet - Medium Weight Single Devon Duvet - Medium Weight Double Devon Duvet - Medium Weight King
Devon Duvet Two Fold Pillow - Soft Devon Duvet Three Fold Pillow - Medium Devon Duvet Four Fold Pillow - Firm
Grey and Yellow geometric recycled cotton blanket Navy Stripe recycled cotton blanket Grey Stripe recycled cotton blanket
Grey Swell recycled cotton blanket Navy Geometric recycled cotton blanket