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An edited collection of some of the most popular products found in our Kitchen Shop
including many reusable items such as Tiffin Lunchboxes, Beeswax Wraps and Bamboo Coffee Cups.

Ecoffee Cup - Deep Navy Ecoffee Cup - Swirl Ecoffee Cup - ZigZag
Ecoffee Cup - Swirl
Price: £8.99
Ecoffee Cup - Stargrape James Martin 12cup Muffin Tin Judge Cheese Board set
Cheese Board set
Price: £28.00
Judge Carving Knife set Judge Glass Cafetiere Stellar Roast & Rack Non-Stick
Carving Knife set
Price: £9.50
Glass Cafetiere
Price: £35.00
Deluxe Corkscrew Nestâ„¢ Boards 3-piece Chopping Board Set Indexâ„¢ Chopping Board Set
Deluxe Corkscrew
Price: £14.00
Joseph Joseph Cut&Carveâ„¢ Plus Chopping Board Joseph Joseph Cut&Carveâ„¢ Plus Chopping Board Nestâ„¢ Steam 3-piece Steaming Pod Set
Joseph Joseph Square Green Colander