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An edited collection of some of the most popular products found in our Kitchen Shop
including many reusable items such as Tiffin Lunchboxes, Beeswax Wraps and Bamboo Coffee Cups.

Organic Waste Bin Organic Waste Bin Organic Colander
Organic Colander 2l
Price: £6.50
Organic Colander 5l Organic 2l bowl Green Organic 5l Bowl Pink
Organic Colander 5l
Price: £8.50
Storage Box Large Grey Storage Box Medium Green Storage Box Large Green
Ecoffee Cup - Deep Navy Ecoffee Cup - Basket Case Ecoffee Cup - ZigZag
22cm Enamel Baking Dish 30cm Enamel Baking Dish 37cm Enamel Baking Dish
Bamboo Wool Duster Collapsible Travel Bowl Natural rubber Rope Ball
Bamboo & Wool Duster
Price: £12.50
Recycled Bamboo Food Scoop